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   1    Open to any full member club of the SCF. Clubs may enter more than one team in the league at the discretion of the League Manager.
         However, a  player may only play for one team in a given league during any one season.

   2    Entries should be sent to the AC League Manager

         Fixture Making

   3    Fixtures are to be agreed as soon as possible.
         Dates and venues should be communicated to the Leagues Manager and copied to the SCF web master (see below for addresses).
         Should it be necessary to rearrange a match, then the Club requesting such a change shall offer three definite dates on which they can field a
         team to their opponents.
         Changes of dates within a week of the scheduled date should be avoided if at all possible.
         All planned changes of dates to be notified to the League Organizer, who will adjudicate in the event of disagreements.

   4    All divisional matches must be completed by 31 August.
         Normally a match will be played on a home and away basis, unless by mutual agreement all games are played at one venue.

         The Players and their handicaps

   5    A team shall consist of bona fide club members:
                   Handicap League – four players.
         No player may play for more than one team in any one league.
         However players can play for different teams in other leagues.
         None of the SCF leagues are mutually exclusive, so players could in theory take part in every league available.

   6    All games must be recorded on the players' handicap cards and count towards the
         Automatic Handicapping System (AHS).
         All players must use their current Association Croquet handicap.
         The maximum handicap shall be 24.
         Club Handicappers are reminded of their obligation to review and adjust their players' handicaps throughout the season especially those people
         who rarely play games that count towards the CA’s Automatic Handicapping System (AHS).
         In particular, they should review and adjust the handicaps of those players with a current handicap above 20 shortly before the player
         commences a League game.

   7    At each match, players must produce a current handicap card, properly signed off.

         Players failing to produce their handicap card for inspection:
         Players will be allowed to play off their stated handicap BUT must send a photocopy or scan of their card to the Leagues Manager within 7 days.
         Provided the stated handicap is verified upon the Manager's sight of the card, all results shall stand.
         Failure to comply with the above, or the discovery of a discrepancy where a higher handicap was claimed will result in:
         (Obviously this will affect the result of the fixture).

        The Match

   8    Each match shall consist of four 26 point singles games, played under the current Association Croquet laws.

   9    All games should be played with hoops set to CA tournament standards, a hoop tolerance of 1/8 of an inch is adequate.

   10    Before the match, players should be listed on the Official Score Sheet, in handicap order.
                  (a) Where two players share the same handicap, the team captain will determine their order.
                  (b) Ideally all games will all be played at the same venue on the same date. If this is not possible the match may be split over two
                       venues and/or played over two dates.
                  (c) For matches at 'split venues or times' – players must be fielded in handicap order at each venue or time.

   11    In the event of a team being unable to field four players, a game shall be forfeited for each missing player and the opponents shall receive a
           game point.

   12    Time limits shall apply except by mutual agreement of the players in that game.
                  (a) Time limits shall be applied before play commences in a game and not during it.
                           (i) Double banked games 3.15 hours – Singled banked games 3 hours)
                  (b) Time limits maybe be less than stated above if mutually agreed.
                  (c) Shorter time limits shall result in games being shortened by four points per half-hour or portion thereof and bisques altered
                       according to the Schedule of Bisques in Modified Games (Schedule 1 in The Laws of Association Croquet).
                  (d) Games must not be less than 14 points.

         Abandonments mid-match

   13    Games in the match that have reached a conclusion, shall be counted as results.

   14    Games in the match that have not reached a conclusion, shall be discounted.
           These games should be re-played at a later date, ideally with the same players participating     (although this is not mandatory).

   15    In the event that some games in the match remain 'un-resulted' by the advertised league 'play by date' (31 August), the result of the match
          shall be declared on the basis of the completed games only.
          However, the Leagues Manager shall have the power to take into account the efforts made by both teams to complete all elements of the
          match, to the extent of awarding a 'game win' to a team, if is found that their opponents have been uncooperative in this regard.

         The League

   16    Any team that fails to complete ALL their fixtures by the 31 August (except for reason of abandonment) shall have all of their results
          withdrawn for the purposes of league calculation.

   17    The result of the league shall be decided as follows:
                  (a) Match points:                            - 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
                  (b) If there is a tie:                          - game wins against all opponents
                  (c) If two teams are tied:                 - the match result between them ('who beat whom').
                  (d) If more than two teams are tied: - the greater number of game wins in matches between them.
                  (e) If there is still a tie:                    - the winner is the team that scored the greatest hoop difference in the matches between
                                                                        the tied teams.
                  (f) If there is still a tie:                     - then the winner is the team that scores the greatest hoop difference in all matches played.

          The Final

   18    The winner of the Northern Division will play the winner of the Southern Division.
           The SFC AC Handicap Final should be played at pre-declared venue and on a pre-declared date in September.
           If, however, Oxford University are one of the qualifiers, in light of their 'special circumstances', the arrangements for the final will be altered
           to a pre-declared 'reserve date' in October, at either the same or different pre-declared venue.
           However, if BOTH qualifying Clubs desire to alter these dates, this may be possible with the agreement of the League Manager, so long
           as the Final is still played by the end of September (or October if OU involved).
           Unless BOTH qualifying Clubs so desire - the above detailed arrangements will stand.

          Match format for the Final

   19    This will be in accordance with the Secretary Shield competition rules, with 2 singles and a doubles in the morning followed by 4 singles in
           the afternoon.

  20    IMPORTANT - Results Reporting

          The winning captain should report the results immediately by e-mail (in the event of a draw, both captains).
          This information must include the full results of each game, where it was played, the handicaps of each player and confirmation that all
          handicap cards have been seen.
          The winning captain should also copy in the losing captain.
          The results must be sent to:-

                                              The AC Leagues Manager    - Martin Brandt     -
                                              Please copy-in

                                              The Website Officer        - Chris Roberts    -
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